A-Stay Hotel


This top-of-the art hotel is not only known for its trendy murals inside and out, but even more for the high-tech rooms they offer. Guests are in control over mood lighting and curtains, but technology is more deeply ingrained in the hotel than these kinds of appealing gadgets.

To make the stay of its guests even smoother, A-Stay has decided to partner with Palmki! As a result, visitors register their palms at the Palmki Registration Module while checking in. This literally opens up a new world for them.

Their room is easily accessed by a quick scan of their palm at the sensor in front of the door. No more keys or key cards are needed. In addition, this technology offers visitors the possibility to place their breakfast by scanning their palms at the counter. The same technology is used to place a drink at the bar.

Because everyone’s palm is unique, there is no question about who will pay the bill in the end. This way, you can pay for all your expenses when checking out without surprises and without having to tell anyone your room number at any given time. So convenient!

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