1. High security environment

In sectors where high-level security plays a crucial role, such as banks, hospitals, or locations with valuable goods or data, Palmki is the ideal choice. For these companies or institutions, safeguarding sensitive information and access control is of vital importance.  

3. Data maintained by the user

At Palmki, we can empower users with control over their own biometric data. This data can be stored on a personal badge that the user carries with them. This means that the biometric information remains physically with the user and is only utilized when necessary for authorized access. By keeping biometric data on the user's badge, the user retains ownership of their data and can be confident that their information is secure and easily accessible.

4. Alternative for biometric authentication

In the event that certain users may prefer not to use biometric data or grant permission for its storage, we provide an alternative in the form of a badge. This badge can serve as an access mechanism without the need for biometric information. Our aim is to ensure that users can comfortably choose how they gain access to secure areas or information, catering to the preferences of each individual user. However, users who opt for a badge solution need to be aware of the security risks associated with losing, exchanging, or the potential theft of the badge.

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