How it works

Keep it simple

A registration unit, our software, and our Palmki sensor: that’s all you need to install the Palmki hand palm recognition technology.

During the registration, the software will transform the scan of the palm vein structure into a hashed code. That way your biometric data is stored safely. Once this is done, users just need to present their hand. After scanning the hand palm the Palmki software will match the hash-code with the already saved hash-codes in the system. When matched, access is granted.



All you have to do is placing your hand in front of the registration unit. More than 5 million reference points in your palm will be recorded in a split second and our intelligent biometric identification software takes care of the rest.



The data containing your biometric palm and the patterns of your veins is transformed into a cryptographic hash-code. This means that it is impossible to decode your biometric information for any external parties.



Once registered, it’s as easy as placing your hand in front of a Palmki sensor again. An intricate model of your palm vein pattern consisting of more than 5 million reference points gets recorded.



Our algorithms look for all known users, and identify you based on your vein structure, granting you access to the room, machine, or software if you are a known user with access rights.

How it works

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