The security department of this government institution wishes to build in a higher level of security.

A department of 800 people who must complete an inspection tour according to a predetermined schedule.

It is crucial that the right, scheduled person registers at the right place at the right time. Only with this procedure is overall security guaranteed.

The Problem

Currently, the registration is done via a badge. The problem is that the badge can be passed on or worse, stolen or copied without the owner’s knowledge. Last but not least, it also happens that the badge is sometimes forgotten, for which a special temporary badge has to be created.

This certainly does not benefit planning and logging, which is problematic for control if an incident occurs.

A badge is always used for a 1st visual check by all employees and visitors of this government institution and will therefore continue to be used.

The Solution

PALMKI in combination with the existing badge appears to be THE solution to this question.

  • Unique and personal and cannot be transmitted or copied
  • Is always “at hand” so no extra burden to remember or an accessory that can be forgotten or stolen.

After a one-time registration, the hashed code of the hand scan is written on the badge. The users present the badge and then the hand. After comparing both codes, attendance is logged if there is a positive match.


Due to this way of working, there is a 100% certainty that the scheduled Security agent was on site at the foreseen time.
The users experience this way of working as very comfortable and intuitive.

The fact that the personal data is saved on the user’s personal badge and is not stored in a central database makes this solution very GDPR-friendly.

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