HB Antwerp


HB is a first-of-its-kind ecosystem for diamonds, located in Antwerp. It is proud to specialize in the polishing and cutting of diamonds based on the legendary Antwerp know-how of more than 500 years.

Diamonds being of extremely high value, HB wanted a solution that would give them a new kind of high-security access control management. Because high-security is more than a buzzword in this industry, they decided to work together with Palmki!

All 23 doors in HB’s brand-new factory have been equipped with palm key sensors. This way it is made sure that only HB employees can enter the building. However, there is much more to it.

As the vein pattern of each person is a unique part of their body, with five million reference points being captured by the Palmki sensor, it is probably the best method on the market for making sure only the right people can gain access to the places or services they are authorized to have access to.

At every scan, the data is transformed into a unique code, called a “hash” code, which allows the security manager to identify each user and set access rights depending on their role and position within the company. This means that management can gain access to all rooms at all times, while staff can only enter some rooms within given time frames.

Next to high security, the design was a very important aspect for HB Antwerp as well. To meet these expectations, Palmki developed a personalized punky housing with an integrated HB Antwerp logo. To achieve this, the housing is custom modeled and 3D printed, but that’s how far Palmki is willing to go for a client. In the end, it’s not just security that meets the eye!

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