Pulling out your credit card was incrementally faster than using cash, and now Palmki makes checkout even faster than credit card. The use of the Palmki technology makes good business sense in closed user group situations where the same set of employees or customers frequently uses the same point of sale.

At Palmki we have a wide range of collaborations with 3rd party partners. Imagine your hand becoming a payment solution activating a vending machine or a copy machine or to make payments in a retail environment at the check-out.

At Palmki our hardware is a miniaturized vein biometric scanner allowing an easy integration in existing hardware and software solutions.

A sector in evolution is the retail adopting biometrics as it enhances the user experience and checkout process. Palmki offers micro markets biometric capabilities pre-built into the units, making the process of accepting biometric data extremely easy and seamless.

Why Choose Palmki for Payments?

  1. Unmatched Transaction Security: Say goodbye to worries about card fraud or unauthorized transactions. Palmki's biometric verification ensures that only you can initiate payments.

  2. Contactless Simplicity: Make payments effortlessly with a simple hand palm scan, eliminating the need to carry physical cards or remember PINs.

  3. End-to-End Encryption: Your payment data is safeguarded through robust encryption protocols, ensuring that your sensitive information remains confidential.

  4. Authentication Redefined: Enhance payment security with multi-factor authentication, combining biometrics and tokenization to create an impenetrable shield against fraud.

  5. Global Compatibility: Palmki seamlessly integrates with various payment platforms, making it a versatile solution for both online and in-person transactions.

  6. Real-time Monitoring: Keep track of your payment activities in real-time, receiving alerts for any unusual transactions to ensure your financial safety.


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