Xenia – Vesta


Xenia is a cooperative association for the catering industry.

Xenia supports the entrepreneur in the most important areas of the catering business. By working together smartly and using the solutions and services offered, hospitality entrepreneurs can work more professionally, focus more on the customer and significantly improve the company’s return.

The Problem

Flexible work is frequently used in the HORECA. The planning and pay follow-up is cumbersome. Nevertheless, a correct follow-up is very important in case an inspection should take place.

That is why VESTA has automated this procedure. From planning over time registration and drawing up the contract and the DIMONA declaration to the wage calculation. Everything is done fully automatically.

There should be no mistaken identity, so it is necessary to use a closed system for this.

The Solution

PALMKI “stand-alone” meets these expectations. Not only does it fit seamlessly with XENIA’s innovative approach, but at the same time it is impossible for another person to be working than stated in the schedule.

With this system, the employee only needs to register once, and scan his or her palm. The data is then securely stored in the system, and every time an employee comes to work, they only need to scan the palm of their hand.

The declaration to Dimona and the social secretariat is then done automatically, the contract is automatically emailed to the employee and the wage is calculated. All in one move, and in a matter of seconds.


The time that the entrepreneur normally has to put into planning and salary monitoring can now be used better. The time saved by the system is considerable, but even more important is the 100% certainty that the system is sound (even if the manager cannot be present).

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