27 October 2023

Groundbreaking pilot project: KAA Gent and Perfect-ID test innovative stadium access with palm authentication

In an innovative pilot project, KAA Gent, one of Belgium's leading football clubs, aims to initiate tests to elevate the fan experience to a new level by introducing Perfect-ID's advanced Palmki palm authentication system. This visionary pilot project, in which Palmki is being tested in collaboration with StarNet to improve the access process, will provide Young Business Club members with the opportunity to enter the stadium through a special 'Fast Lane,' all using their palm.

The official launch is scheduled for Sunday, October 29, 2023, coinciding with KAA Gent's home match against Standard Liège. This moment marks a milestone for both KAA Gent and Perfect-ID, as it is the first time a Pro League club in Belgium is testing this innovative technology to enhance the fan experience.

Marc Strackx, Director of Perfect-ID, expresses his excitement about this collaboration: "We are delighted to work with KAA Gent and StarNet to conduct this pilot project. Palmki's palm authentication offers a secure, fast, and innovative method to provide fans with smooth and efficient access. This pilot project will help us understand how fans react to this groundbreaking technology. Based on the results and feedback, further exploration can be done on how to best integrate the technology into football stadiums."

KAA Gent, known for its commitment to providing top-notch experiences for its fans and inspired by the new "Safe Football" law, sought an innovative technology to grant spectators access to the stadium in a smooth and secure manner. "We are excited to have found a Flemish partner for this purpose in Palmki. In addition, the contribution of various academic partners in this project is very important for KAA Gent because we want this to proceed with the utmost respect for privacy and GDPR," shared KAA Gent.

Eddy Muylaert, CEO of StarNet, sees this collaboration as an opportunity to pave the way for a more convenient and efficient access process at football stadiums. "With great enthusiasm, we are participating in this innovative project to further optimize access control in football stadiums with an eye on the future. This will provide supporters with swift and efficient access to the stadium, allowing them to avoid all further personal checks. As the market leader and a loyal partner of KAA Gent, we look forward to a positive collaboration with Perfect-ID to enhance the fan experience through this technological advancement."

Palmki's palm authentication system uses advanced biometric technology to ensure smooth and rapid access. After a successful testing period and integration into the stadium, fans would only need to scan their palm for access to the 'Fast Lane,' thereby avoiding queues and traditional access methods.

We invite all fans, media, and sports enthusiasts to attend the official launch of this pilot project on Sunday, October 29, 2023, when KAA Gent takes on Standard Liège. Experience how history is being made as KAA Gent tests this transformative technology and offers a glimpse of the future of stadium access and the fan experience.

Groundbreaking pilot project: KAA Gent and Perfect-ID test innovative stadium access with palm authentication

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