18 March 2024

Elevate your fan experience with Palmki for football stadiums!

In the world of football, the excitement of match day goes beyond the action on the field. From the moment fans step foot into the stadium, their experience should be seamless, secure, and unforgettable. This is where Palmki steps in to revolutionize the game. 

How does Palmki work? 

Palmki utilizes advanced palm vein authentication technology to provide secure and frictionless access for fans. Unlike traditional biometric solutions that rely on external features like fingerprints or facial recognition, Palmki's unique approach focuses on the internal vein patterns of the hand palm. By scanning the intricate vein patterns within the hand palm, Palmki ensures a level of security that goes beyond the surface. 

This internal authentication method offers several advantages over external biometric solutions. For instance, palm vein patterns are practically impossible to replicate, providing an extra layer of protection against fraud and unauthorized access. Additionally, since the vein patterns are located inside the body, they are not susceptible to spoofing techniques such as the use of fake fingerprints or false facial recognition.

Furthermore, Palmki offers the highest level of accuracy, with an impressive score of 99.9999%, surpassing other external biometric methods such as Face ID, which has an accuracy of only 96%. Even identical twins are effortlessly distinguished thanks to the unique vein patterns of the palm. 

Applications for football stadiums: 

  • Fast Lane entry: Say goodbye to long queues at the entrance gates. With Palmki, fans can breeze through fast lane entry points, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry process just by scanning their hand. Already, KAA Gent has implemented Palmki for fast lane access, streamlining entry for the enthusiastic supporters of their business club. 
  • Smart payments: Palmki's seamless integration with payment systems allows fans to make quick and secure transactions with just a scan of their palm. Whether it's purchasing snacks, merchandise, or match tickets, Palmki enables hassle-free payments throughout the stadium. 
  • Loyalty programs: Football clubs can leverage Palmki to enhance their loyalty programs and engage with fans on a deeper level. By linking Palmki profiles to loyalty accounts, clubs can reward fans for their attendance, purchases, and engagement, fostering stronger connections with their fan base. 
  • Programmable money: Palmki's versatility extends beyond access control and payments. Stadiums can explore innovative uses such as programmable money, enabling fans to preload funds onto their Palmki profiles for use within the stadium. This feature allows for price differentiation, where specific groups of people can receive discounts or different pricing based on their profile settings. It opens up opportunities for exclusive offers, discounts, and incentives tailored to individual fans, enhancing their overall stadium experience.
  • Access control: Palmki ensures secure access to restricted areas within football stadiums, such as the trainers' room, dressing rooms, and internal offices. By utilizing Palmki for access control, clubs like Fortuna Sittard can regulate entry, ensuring that only authorized personnel with permission can enter these areas. This helps protect sensitive areas and ensures the safety and privacy of players and staff, preventing unauthorized access from individuals without proper clearance.


With Palmki, football stadiums can elevate the fan experience and security to new heights. From seamless entry to convenient payments and personalized rewards, Palmki offers a holistic solution that enhances security, efficiency, and engagement at every touchpoint. Say hello to the future of football stadium experiences with Palmki!

Elevate your fan experience with Palmki for football stadiums!

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