8 February 2024

Transforming cybersecurity with Palmki

In an age where cyber threats loom large, Palmki introduces a game-changing solution—the biometric palm vein scan. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances cybersecurity but also prioritizes a seamless user experience, reduces reliance on passwords, and delivers a cost-effective defense against evolving threats.

Seamless user experience:

Palmki's commitment to seamless user interactions takes center stage with our biometric palm vein scan. By utilizing vein patterns, users can effortlessly log into accounts and work systems without the hassle of remembering passwords and security keys. This user-centric approach aligns with the principles of frictionless experiences, making cybersecurity practical and convenient.

Reduced reliance on passwords:

Addressing the vulnerabilities associated with passwords, Palmki's technology responds to the alarming statistic revealed in the 2023 Verizon report—almost 75% of data breaches involve human error and stolen credentials. The biometric palm vein scan eliminates the reliance on passwords, fortifying cybersecurity across industries and mitigating the risks posed by compromised credentials.

Cybersecurity reinforcement:

Palmki's biometric palm vein scan takes cybersecurity to a new echelon. Uniqueness in vein patterns, impossibe to replicate even for highly skilled threat actors, becomes an impregnable barrier. Unlike easily stolen passwords and security keys, the impossible-to-fake vein patterns add an additional layer of security, thwarting malicious third parties from unauthorized access to secure systems.

Versatile applications across industries:

Palmki's biometric palm vein scan is not confined to one industry—it's a scalable solution with wide-ranging applications. From employee access control for secure work systems to customer identification in online banking, time tracking within organizations, and fraud prevention, the technology seamlessly integrates into various sectors, elevating user identity verification.

Cost-effective cybersecurity:

While the adoption of biometric security may seem like a substantial investment, Palmki assures a cost-effective cybersecurity solution. Leveraging existing devices, organizations can deploy our palm vein scan without significant infrastructure costs. The investment remains considerably lower than the staggering average data breach cost of $4.45 million per incident, making it a prudent choice for comprehensive cybersecurity.

In conclusion, Palmki's palm vein technology emerges not just as a security solution but as a holistic approach that prioritizes a seamless user experience, reduces dependence on passwords, fortifies cybersecurity, finds versatile applications, and offers cost-effective protection in the face of escalating cyber threats. 

Welcome to the future of secure and user-centric digital interactions.

Transforming cybersecurity with Palmki

Perfect-ID recognized as an official supplier of biometric solutions for Belgian ports

Perfect-ID proudly announces that it has received recognition from Minister Paul Van Tigchelt, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and the North Sea, to provide biometric solutions to Belgian ports and port companies. This marks a significant milestone for the growth and innovation of biometric security in the maritime sector.

6 June 2024

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Elevate your fan experience with Palmki for football stadiums!

In the world of football, the excitement of match day goes beyond the action on the field. From the moment fans step foot into the stadium, their experience should be seamless, secure, and unforgettable. This is where Palmki steps in to revolutionize the game.

18 March 2024

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The new Palmki Experience Center

We are thrilled to announce that Palmki has relocated to our brand-new office at Bedrijfsstraat 2, 3500 Hasselt! But this isn't just a move—it's an exciting leap forward in the realms of access control, security, process innovation and customer experience.

30 November 2023

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Groundbreaking pilot project: KAA Gent and Perfect-ID test innovative stadium access with palm authentication

In an innovative pilot project, KAA Gent, one of Belgium's leading football clubs, aims to initiate tests to elevate the fan experience to a new level by introducing Perfect-ID's advanced Palmki palm authentication system.

27 October 2023

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Leuven Bears and Palmki launch groundbreaking hand palm payment option

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, basketball club Stella Artois Leuven Bears and Perfect-ID will introduce a revolutionary way of payment: palm payment. This innovative system will enable Leuven Bears fans to purchase their favorite drinks and snacks with nothing more than their palm.

12 October 2023

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Perfect-ID has been nominated for the Rising Star Award

Perfect-ID has been nominated for the 2023 Rising Star award, together with nine other innovative companies.

29 September 2023

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LCL Identifier: Innovation through co-creation

With the implementation of the Identifier, LCL is focusing on innovation in identity verification for all data centers. The LCL Identifier includes two-factor authentication using smart software based on biometrics, such as palm reading and facial recognition. It has been specially developed for LCL and originated from successful co-creation.

9 December 2021

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Palmki selected for Slush 2021! – Setting the scene for an international expansion.

Palmki is delighted to announce it is selected for Slush 2021. Slush is ‘the world’s leading start up event’, and will take place on December

10 October 2021

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