Encon is an independent agency that supports companies with creative and innovative solutions in their transition to become more sustainable.

Encon wishes to pay for the extra services that they offer their staff without obligation in a simple, sustainable but comfortable way.

These extra services range from sandwiches and yoga sessions to electrically charging the car.

The Problem

Currently, the receptionist at the reception is responsible for collecting and keeping track of the money for the settlement of the services received. The settlement is kept in an Excel sheet.

This way of working became too cumbersome and the frustration at miscalculations or shortages was not pleasant.

An additional challenge was that the solution must be SUSTAINABLE.

The Solution

PALMKI in combination with PING PING the “closed user group” payment solution.

After a one-time, voluntary registration, the hashed code of the hand scan is stored in their central secure server. The user can load a freely selectable balance online via the PING PING website with a personal logging.

Via the PALMKI module present at the reception, you can now pay with a simple hand gesture at the counter when picking up the sandwich or when booking a Yoga session.

Miscalculations or incorrect assignments are excluded.


This innovation was very well received by the employees. Obviously the receptionist was the happiest because this saves her a lot of time and counting.

The settlements are now smooth and error-free, but above all, PALMKI fits completely into the sustainable philosophy of the company.

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