Automatic Registration Module (ARM)

PALMKI takes registration to a new level of excellence with the PALMKI ARM (Automatic Registration Module). This preformed and highly efficient module redefines the registration process, providing unparalleled intuitive guidance for flawless enrollment.

Key Features of PALMKI ARM:

Precision Guidance: PALMKI ARM incorporates a sensor embedded in the preformed "U Guide" casing, ensuring your hand is placed in the correct position at the optimal distance for accurate registration.

Effortless Scanning: Innovative automatic scanning allows your hand to remain steady during registration, resulting in optimal outcomes and achieving a registration score of 10,000 – the highest possible score.

Enhanced Authentication: A higher registration score translates to better authentication performance, ensuring top-notch security for subsequent interactions.

PALMKI ARM is your go-to choice for achieving the utmost security and accuracy during new registrations. Whether it's for enrollment, verification, or identification, PALMKI ARM delivers exceptional results that meet the highest standards of security.

Automatic Registration Module (ARM)

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