Palmki Sensor

Key Features of the PALMKI Sensor:

Unmatched Accuracy: PALMKI boasts an incredibly low False Accept Rate (FAR) of under 0.00001% and a False Reject Rate (FRR) of 1.0% (no retry) with the I33 format. Rest assured that only authorized users gain access.

Compact Design: The new PALMKI sensor is 50% smaller than its predecessors, allowing for seamless integration in space-constrained environments where footprint matters.

Swift Enrollment and Authentication: With reduced exposure time, PALMKI captures palm vein data without blurring, enhancing the efficiency of both enrollment and authentication processes.

Enhanced Performance: PALMKI's improved frame rate ensures accurate capture of slowly moving palms, providing versatility in various user scenarios.

Extreme Environment Tolerance: PALMKI is built to withstand challenging conditions, with enhanced performance in a wide range of temperatures and exposure to sunlight.

Seamless Integration: Our PALMKI Software facilitates easy integration into most applications, speeding up your time to market and simplifying the deployment process.

PALMKI technology utilizes near-infrared light to capture the unique vein pattern of an individual's palm. This pattern generates an unparalleled biometric template, which is then matched against pre-registered user templates for seamless authentication.

What sets PALMKI apart is its ability to recognize patterns only when blood is actively flowing within the veins. This dynamic feature virtually eliminates the possibility of forgery, making PALMKI one of the most secure and reliable biometric solutions available.

System integrators seeking the pinnacle of biometric identification can now harness the power of PALMKI Solutions. Our technology ensures a false accept rate of a mere 0.00001% and an exceptional false reject rate of 1.0%, all in a compact form factor that delivers lightning-fast authentication – often within a single second.

Palmki Sensor

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