Palmki Design Module

Discover a new dimension of sophistication and functionality with the PALMKI Design Module. This elegantly crafted module seamlessly merges sleek design with advanced biometric security, redefining access control in a stylish, user-centric way.

Key Features of the PALMKI Design Module:

Aesthetic Brilliance: The PALMKI Design Module effortlessly complements any setting – be it a door or a desk. The glossy black sensor embedded in the metal front plate creates a striking visual appeal that leaves a lasting impression.

Personalized Elegance: Customization knows no bounds. By 3D printing, we can tailor the front plate's color and logo to your preference, reflecting your unique identity.

Contactless Convenience: In an era where hand hygiene is paramount, PALMKI's contactless feature takes center stage. Gain access without physical touch, enhancing safety and user experience.

Intuitive User Feedback: The PALMKI logo's light signals provide instant user feedback:

  • Blue: Successful hand scan
  • Yellow: Incorrect hand scan
  • Green: Hand recognized
  • Red: Hand not recognized

PALMKI Design Module INOX is ideal for environments where style matters and touchless interactions are valued.


  • Identification: Instantly authenticate individuals for enhanced security.
  • Verification: Seamlessly verify user identities with unmatched ease. Used in combination with an existing traditional ID method (e.g. pincode, badge,...).


  • Contactless Convenience: PALMKI's contactless feature prioritizes hygiene and safety.
  • USB Connection: Enjoy seamless integration through a USB connection.
  • Intuitive Feedback: User-friendly light signals provide real-time recognition status.
  • Swift and Comfortable: Experience quick and comfortable access.
  • Customizable Elegance: Tailor the module's appearance to your unique style.
Palmki Design Module

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