Palmki Combination Module (double authentication)

Introducing the pinnacle of security innovation – the PALMKI Combination Module (Palmki + Badge). This module redefines the very essence of protection through a seamless blend of cutting-edge biometric technology and personalized badge authentication, ensuring a level of security unparalleled in today's digital landscape.

Key Features of the PALMKI Combination Module:

Dual-Layer Security: PALMKI Combination Module revolutionizes security with a two-factor authentication approach. It combines the robustness of a biometric hand palm scan with the personalized identification of a badge, providing airtight protection.

Badge-Powered Authorization: The personalized badge serves as a key to access, allowing individuals to be prompted for badge verification by security personnel. However, actual registration or access is only granted through the combination of the hand palm scan and the badge.

GDPR Compliant: Upholding privacy and data protection, PALMKI Combination Module adheres to GDPR regulations:

  • Biometric data remains with the individual.
  • Local storage solely on the badge.
  • No requirement for external databases or cloud storage.


  • Verification: Assure accurate identity verification for enhanced security.
  • Time Registration: Seamlessly capture attendance records with precision.
  • Attendance Registration: Streamline attendance tracking with unwavering accuracy.
  • Location Registration: Capture location data securely for a range of applications.
  • Access Control: Elevate access management in high-security environments.


  • Mistaken Identity Prevention: The combination of biometrics and personalized badge leaves no room for mistaken identity.
  • Speed and Convenience: Experience swift and effortless authentication for seamless user interactions.
  • User-Friendly: PALMKI Combination Module ensures an easy and intuitive experience.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: Elevate security to new heights through the powerful synergy of PALMKI and Badge.

PALMKI Combination Module emerges as the recommended choice for environments demanding the utmost security. Its ability to provide comprehensive protection makes it an unparalleled solution for today's security-conscious world.

Palmki Combination Module (double authentication)

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