PCB Unit

Introducing the powerhouse behind PALMKI's exceptional performance – the PALMKI PCB Unit. This advanced printed circuit board serves as the core of the PALMKI solution, ensuring swift, accurate, and reliable hand recognition that forms the bedrock of seamless operations.

Key Features of the PALMKI PCB Unit:

Central Hub of Excellence: The PALMKI PCB Unit serves as the beating heart of our solution, driving the rapid and precise hand recognition that PALMKI is renowned for.

Customizable Versatility: While the standard version offers unparalleled functionality, the PCB Unit can be effortlessly expanded with a range of optional features. An in-house produced plug-in board allows tailor-made adaptations to meet your unique requirements.

Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly interface with any hardware or software, regardless of the "connection language." PALMKI PCB Unit ensures comprehensive compatibility, enabling seamless integration across various systems.

Optimal Placement: To ensure stable operation, it is mandatory that the PALMKI PCB Unit is installed within 3 meters of the PALMKI Authentication Module. For added security, it is advised to position it on the opposite side of the wall or ideally, within a (false) ceiling.

BLACK BOX Option: For heightened flexibility, PALMKI PCB Unit can be delivered as a "BLACK BOX." This option empowers partners to develop their own software, offering unprecedented coupling possibilities through APIs and the ultimate integration flexibility.

Advantages of PALMKI PCB Unit:

  • Compact Design: PALMKI PCB Unit's compact form factor optimizes space usage.
  • Comprehensive Standard Unit: The standard version is feature-rich and highly capable.
  • Easy Expandability: Effortlessly add optional functionalities to meet evolving needs.
PCB Unit

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